June 8, 2010

Profiles: Bigfoot BBQ in Flagstaff, Arizona

Profiles: Bigfoot BBQ
Bigfoot BBQ
Photo courtesy: Bigfoot BBQ
Examiner: What makes your establishment unique?
J. Carnes: Unlike many places selling "BBQ" as nothing more than grilled chicken slathered in a sauce they bought from someone else, Bigfoot has been doing Flagstaff's best BBQ for over six years (don't believe us, just ask the readers of the Arizona Daily Sun!).  To us, that means pork, brisket, chicken, and ribs smoked over real hickory at low temps for a long time--up to 12 hours!  And, we do it all ourselves: nothing is pre-seasoned, pre-smoked, pre-pulled, or pre-sauced.  Bigfoot does it in-house, by hand, with sauces, rubs, & seasonings we make from scratch! 

Examiner:  What is a little known factoid about your place?
J. Carnes: Bigfoot's located in a basement.  In the back of a woman's clothing store.  The clothes may smell like BBQ, but we promise the BBQ tastes better than Yoga Pants. Not kidding. It's tough to simply "stumble upon" this place; rather, you gotta' seek it out.  We promise it'll be worth the effort when you get here.

Examiner:  What is your specialty?
J. Carnes: We're famous for our pulled pork.  Whether as a sandwich or as a traditional BBQ plate w/ homemade cornbread, slaw, and tater salad, pulled pork out sells everything on the menu two to one or better. 
Examiner:  What is your patrons' favorite thing about your establishment?
J. Carnes: The patron's favorite thing about Bigfoot--and they tell us often on our comment cards--is the complimentary box of peanuts, which sits out on an old barber shop chair.  Guests help themselves to a little peanut appetizer.  Feel free to toss the shells on the floor, another little thing the guests love!

Examiner: What's your favorite?

J. Carnes: Perhaps my favorite thing about Bigfoot is the Kids' Corral.  We aspire to be a family place to which parents and kids look look forward to coming.  The kids corral has brightly colored, cushy mats on the floor, along w/ books, toys, and a TV that the kids can control themselves.  We tune it a kids' network, and we hope it gives the little ones, as well as Mom and Dad, a nice break.

J. Carnes as "Bigfoot"/ Photo by: Melissa Dunstan
Examiner:  What is the top thing you recommend visitors to your city do/see - besides your business, of course?
J. Carnes: Go ride a bike.  Whether you're fit or not, Flagstaff has some amazing cycling.  Take a cruiser ride around the Historic Downtown neighborhoods and businesses, from one restaurant or brew-pub to another.  Or get out on a trail--Flagstaff has world-class mountain biking.  Want a real challenge?  Take a road bike up seven-mile Snowbowl Road to over 10 feet altitude.  You'll be hungry for BBQ afterward!  There are 2 shops in the downtown area that rent bikes (AZ Bikes & Absolute Bikes), and both include helmet rentals. 

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