June 13, 2010

Louie's Chicken Shack finding success on Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona

Louie's Chicken Shack
2116 E Route 66
Flagstaff, AZ
website: www.louieschickenshack.com (coming mid June)
928-714-7097 - they deliver!

Tucked in front of an old motel in between some car repair shops sits the new Louie's Chicken Shack. Painted blue and gold in the spirit of Northern Arizona University after the owners alma matter, this little hole in the wall joint is serving up homemade chicken strips, wings and sandwiches with great success. Louie's opened May 1, 2010.
Inside you'll find Lumberjack jerseys and flags decorating the small space. There's a long counter where 2 liters of off brand soda, lemonade, Tang, and Koolaid currently sit (though they do have a fountain soda machine but they don't have it working yet). The folks working there are friendly and will explain their whole menu to you.
The Grown Man Meal combo
You'd think with a name that has chicken shack in it that they'd be serving up buckets of fried chicken, but that's not the case. The menu is pretty simple: several combos with chicken strips and sides plus some wing and sandwich options.
The chicken strips are good. They're big ol strips of chicken breast dredged in a homemade mix of paprika, spices and flour and fried up in peanut oil. They're light, crispy and quite tasty. The best I've had in town for sure.
Try their homemade Louie Sauce for dipping. If you're from Utah or have traveled there you'll find it similar to Fry Sauce. If you're not, think of it as a special concoction of ketchup and mayo and most likely some thousand island dressing, though I didn't ask what Louie's puts in theirs but it tastes darn similar.
The sides are decent but not crazy good like the chicken strips. The fries aren't hand cut and you can tell but they're still tasty enough, as were the mashed potatoes which tasted like instant but were decent.
The only issue I have is that they call things like their lemonade and mashed potatoes homemade when you ask and while they're made in house, they're obviously made from a mix. Now that may be how grandma makes her stuff at home, but I wouldn't call that a homemade dish. But if you know that going in, it's not an issue because they are still tasty. There's just an obvious difference between something like lemonade and mashed potatoes made by hand from scratch versus making them from a mix.
Wings and Thangs combo
The wings are good too - but watch out that mild is pretty spicy but has a nice taste. Still, I'd opt for the strips instead because they really are fabulous and you can order buffalo sauce for them if you'd like.
Current specials include chicken and waffles. Nice! Other things on the menu include a barbeque pork sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, chili cheese fries and mini corn dogs.
Prices are pretty good too, like the plenty big Shack Combo for $5 that includes three strips (which are well porportioned), fries, texas toast and a drink. Or two people can easily share "The Grown Man Meal" with 7 strips, fries, two sides, toast, 2 sauces and a drink for $10.


Anonymous said...

Gross! Just like every other restaurant in downtown Flagstaff. Either disgustingly fried or too spicy for me. When will someone open a healthy comfort food place. Pot pies, roasted chicken with veggies, no bleached out white bread. Tired of the sucky food here.

Anonymous said...

I strive to eat to fried food because Im a twig that can never gain any weight! Go louies chicken and waffles!

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