June 27, 2010

Ode to the french fries of Flagstaff

Oh the glory to the mouth when you take a bite of a good french fry. Crispy exterior with the perfect amount of salt, seasoning and slight oiliness. Then your teeth enter the smooshy, light fluffiness that is the potato’s core. That’s a hard to beat sensation.
Fries have been pleasing American taste buds since the 1800s, though they didn’t take off until after World War I. (The horror that we waited so long to appreciate this beloved side.)
There are plenty of spots in northern Arizona to find fantastic frittes. Here’s a look…

Diablo Burger
120 N. Leroux St (Downtown off the main square with alley entrance behind Pesto Brothers)
At the DB they’re committed to quality and the fries are no exception. The “Frites,” as they call them here, are double cooked in peanut oil Belgium-style and tossed with fresh rosemary. They smell as delightful as they taste! A true piece of poetry for the watering mouths of hungry fry appreciators. These fries also come with a special homemade dipping sauces. I like the ranch. Other choices include Hatch Chile Mayo, spicy honey mustard and pesto.

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro
605 W Riordan Rd
I often get a basket of Oreganos waffle-cut fries as an appetizer because they are irresistible. They’re lightly salted plus seasoned and crispy without being overly cooked. These bad boys are light and fluffy deep-fried goodness.

Bigfoot BBQ
120 N. Leroux St
Bigfoot has some of the best sides in town hands down. Their garlic romano fries are tasty without being overpowering. So you can easily munch and still give your sweetie a big old smooch after lunch. These fries in particular compliment Bigfoot’s tangy barbecue sauce. As good as those are, the sweet taters are my fav here. They are cooked up with a crispy, lightly salted outside and warm sweet soft inside.

Ski Lift Lodge Restaurant
6355 N Highway 180 (at the base of Snowbowl Road)
The Ski Lift Lodge Restaurant may be more known for its fab chicken wings and relaxing patio, but the fries are a must order. They’re airy on the inside and crunchy on the outside with a touch of salt. I like to order these with wings and dip them in the wing sauce and ranch dressing.

Mama Burger
112 E. Route 66
Mama’s fries are made fresh throughout the day. These old fashioned goodies are thin and cooked just right. Nothing fancy but quality. You can jazz them up by ordering cajun-style (at no extra cost).

Sidebar: Mexi Fries
Stop the presses – a not to be missed spot for some fry goodness is Sedona’s Javelina Cantina. Yes. That’s right. Normally just on the menu to please picky kids, the fries at this Mexican joint rock.
Speaking of a taco and fry combination. Check out the California tacos and burritos at Flagstaff’s Tacos Locos. This taco has fries inside it, along with carne asada, guacamole, and lettuce.

(This article was originally written by me for Flagstaff Live in May 2010)


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