June 2, 2011

pizza Furiosa now open in Flagstaff (inlcudes full menu)

pizza Furiosa
2500 S Woodlands Village Blvd
(at the corner with all glass walls)
Flagstaff, AZ
928-221-1280 for phone or text orders (dine in or take out) 
menu: see below

pizza Furiosa, the new restaurant of Chef Richard Fernandez (formerly of Pesto Brothers) is now open.
On the top of the hill, catty-corner from Taverna in the Hilltop Shops at Woodlands Village in southwest Flagstaff, Furiosa is open, airy and smells delish. As you walk in you can see and smell the giant wood burning oven your pizza will be created in. The decor is modern and features many eco-friendly items - like tables made from old bowling alleys and old NAU classroom chairs. The area is inviting and perfect for both families and the college crowd (and everyone in between).

The menu is based around woodfired pizzas and also includes salads, pastas, paninis and kid favorites like woodfired pepperoni rolls. (See the full menu below!) On our first trip on opening day - we tried two pizzas (they're personal size only). At 11-inches you could share a salad and a pizza for a nice lunch and be happy. The Pesto, Tomato, Mozzarella's aroma greets you before it arrives at your table. Bite after bite it got more delicious. Still, an hour after lunch my mouth feels refreshed from the fantastic pesto. We also got a pepperoni and cheese. Much more traditional, but still way above average. The woodfired flavor adds a smokiness you don't really find anywhere else in town.

I'm already looking forward to my next trip back to try more goodies!
Here's the full menu (click on each section to bring it up full size):


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! Can't wait to check Richards new place out! The panini's, ravioli's and all, sound delish!! Starlight Pines BB will be there soon to check it out...and to begin sending guests there!!! Richard Svendsen

MJVachon said...

Incredible spot! fresh quality ingredients you can taste at a more than reasonable price. The wood burning oven adds a unique taste with and the menu is full of phenomenal combinations of flavors. If you enjoyed pesto bros. or if you are interested in trying a new spot, Pizza Furiosa is one you do not want to pass up!

Keep up the good work!!!

msatter said...

I happened upon Pizza Furiosa a few days ago. I knew Richard was cooking up a new offering but did not know the timing. There had been an article in the Arizona Daily Sun about a man who builds specialty kilns and ovens and it mentioned a new pizza oven being built for Richard.

Well we had a meal right away...started out simple. Caprese salad and a simple cheese pizza. We figured it was a good way to start evaluating. The result was over the top good! Fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato with just the right amount of olive oil and basalmic drizzle. And the pizza had that good woodfired oven combination of crispness and chewiness. We loved it. Been back to try ravioli of the moment and loved that as well. I think we have a new favorite Flagstaff hangout!

Thank you Richard!

FlagLive said...


Anonymous said...

What!!! I loved Pesto's Eggplant Parmisan and I don't see it on this menu. Soooo sad :(

Anonymous said...

Bad food, cold setting & BAD service!

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