June 24, 2010

Flagstaff Tastecasters: Wildflower Bread Company

Wildflower Bread Company has been open six months in Flagstaff at Butler and Lonetree. The location is nice and sunny with giant windows, comfy booths and a great patio for enjoying Flagstaff weather.

Founder Louis Basile is leading our event tonight, sharing some of his favorites. He says the Flagstaff location is the busiest of all locations.

Right now I'm enjoying the iced green tea with guava as well as the Raspberry Fruit Fizzie. Nice, light and refreshing -perfect for feeling cool when the sun beats down on you- as Louis shares his story.
He comes from New Jersey where his dad ran a little restaurant. He grew up working in food and loves it. Louis was raised in a big Italian household where bread is the center of everything. He says that every great meal starts with great bread. Which is of course at the heart of Wildflower Bread Company.
The first Wildflower opened in November of 1996 in Scottsdale. They pride themselves in being fast casual dining with customer service being right up there with food quality. I've personally found both are the pride of Wildflower. If you love it - Twitter them @WildflowerBread or Louis himself @WildflowerCEO and let them know if you found something not to your standards or liking. They really care and try to make things right.


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