June 24, 2010

Flagstaff Tastecasters: Wildflower Bread Company - Salads

The Chopped Salad before it is tossed at your table
The salads at Wildflower are mouthwatering. They are boastable for sure and a reason to come here if nothing else moves you (but it sure should). Check out the full salad menu HERE.
We're currently tasting the not yet on the menu Chopped Salad. This is another must order for summer. It has wild Alaskan salmon, arugula, Israeli couscous, feta, red peppers, dried sweet corn, dried cranberries and sunflower sees tossed at your table (yes - tossed in front of you, a new thing for Wildflower) with a pesto vinaigrette. You can get chicken if you'd rather but it is so good as is. Look for it soon. This one is going on my best of Flagstaff salads list. Mmmmm. I could eat this one everyday I think.
The must-have Honey Passion Frozen Lemonade
Also look out for the Honey Passion Frozen Lemonade. It has fresh squeezed lemonade, mango puree, passion fruit syrup, honey and heavy cream blended with ice.


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