February 4, 2010

Pesto Brothers Tastecasting: The main course

Now we're at the main course. Spiedini of marinated sirloin on a saffron and red pepper risotto fritter with a braised spaghetti squash paired with Page Wine Cellars Vino del Barrio red (produced just south of Sedona.)
The steak is gently marinated though could be more tender. The spaghetti squash is tasty and mellow. The risotto fritter is moist and a nice compliment to the steak.
The Vino del Barrio was average for me but a fellow tastecaster who loves pino nior wines says this is her favorite of the evening. Read about this wine at pagewinecellars.com.
This course was followed by a surprise tasting of Merkin Vineyards' Chupacabra. A higher end wine with legs, this one hints at myth and mystery as its name evokes. Find out more about El Chupacabra at caduceus.org.
Dessert to come...

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