February 4, 2010

Pesto Brothers Tastecasting: Arizona Stronghold's Tazi white wine

The first sampling of the night: "Tazi" by Arizona Stonghold (an AZ winery based in Cochise County). It's crisp, woodsy with a grasp of the earth expressed in the aroma.
The makers say their wines are about "the place" more than the grape. Their philosophy is that the earth should be captured in each sip. And indeed you can almost "see" the winery when the Tazi passes over the taste buds. You can find out more about the wine at azstronghold.com.
It's paired with Chef Richards' grilled bruschetta with warm tallegio, house-made sweet onion jam, imported prosciutto and reduced balsamic. A perfect flavor combination as the sweetness of the onion jam and balsamic compliment the richness of the wine.
This is coming to you live from Pesto Brothers. More as the meal continues.

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