February 18, 2010

Flagstaff Tastecasters - Big Foot BBQ - The main course

Mini versions of the Smokin Bulldawg made for this event

Continuing our Bigfoot BBQ tastecasting event... the main course has made its way to our plates....

First up.... Let's talk sauce! Bigfoot makes their own every other day from scratch. And it shows. It's the base that barbeque joints are built on. And Big Foot passes the taste test with flying colors. There's a hint of cloves in there but that's the only sauce secret revealed tonight.

Now onto the "Truckstop Creations" of the Smokin Bulldawg and Junkyard Dawg. This is a section of Bigfoot's menu that gets overlooked too often but no more. These are adult dawgs that bring it. They're filling stuff. The Smokin Bulldawg is a smoked Andouille sausage topped with burnt ends (that's the good stuff from the brisket!) Plus onions sauce and cheese. This is a must get!! If you're a pulled pork die hard try the Junkyard Dawg with a big ol 1/4 pound spicy Louisiana hot link with the pulled pork and big foots homemade coleslaw (which by the way they make several time a day fresh!)

Next the straight up meats.... last to the table but tops on taste are Bigfoot's ribs. They're peeled, trimmed, rubbed, smoked, roasted, grilled, glazed and great. The meat is juicy and falls off the bone as all good ribs should. These are St Louis style cut down pork spare ribs. The Bigfoot guys say they like these better than baby back ribs because they're meatier and juicier.

The pulled barbequed pork, chicken and beef are all hickory smoked here in the basement in electric smokers (the ribs and sausages are too). These could be juicier, especially the beef which I find a bit dry. I think its also missing the taste of fire. While the smoke flavor is big, these trained Texas-born BBQ lover taste buds think the missing flame leads to missing taste. The only downside to Big Foot really for me is this absence of fire. I asked Colby (one of the owners) about that and he said that a big smokehouse is something he wants if they ever open another location. I'd love to see that! But as long as they're in the basement - there's no barbeque fire pits allowed here, which is understandable. Though I will say, I love this location and the atmosphere in Bigfoot. It's always comfortable and welcoming. My children love coming here too thanks to the laid back decor. They always spot something new and cool to point out.

Andouille corndogs
We also got a chance to try some of the special Mardi Gras menu items not regularly on the regular menu... Including alligator sausage (interesting and spicey and no nothing like chicken), andouille corndogs (surprising good and something I'd love to see added permanently to the menu) inspired by a Emeril Lagasse recipe and Boudin sausage. Look for these types of specials and special events from Bigfoot on their Facebook page and on Twitter.

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