February 18, 2010

Flagstaff Tastecasters: Big Foot BBQ - Appetizers

Jazz Fest Crawfish Bread
Now come the apps... Chili cheese fries, BBQ nachos and a new item for special occasions: Jazz Fest Crawfish Bread.
The chili cheese fries take the classic fries Bigfoot is beloved for then add their red chili. Full of flavor and would be good with a beer to share with friends.
The BBQ Nachos were next up. Jalepenos, cheese and sauce and in this instance pulled pork with their signature sauce. You can also get the nachos with chicken or beef.
Finally in the apps course- a specialty item they came up with for Mardi Gras: Jazz Fest Crawfish Bread which is much like an empanada filled with spicy crawdaddy. This is something I'd like to see permanently make its way onto the menu. Spicy, moist, flavorful crawfish meat. True Louisiana flavors.
Up next the meats and highlights from the "Truck Stop Creations" part of the menu....
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