February 15, 2010

Diablo Burger in Flagstaff update (February 2010)

Diablo Burger's basket of fries with pesto for dipping
Flagstaff's eco-friendly burger joint Diablo Burger has been satisfying locals and tourists alike for almost a year now. I took my family back today (February 15, 2010) to see how they compare to when they first opened. (Read my original report from March 4, 2009- during their opening week- HERE.) The good news - the food is still quite tasty, fresh and enjoyable.

Ziggy Stardust 3 topping burger & fries
Over the last year prices have gone up some... fries now being $4.50 for a basket (was $4.25), the Monk burger (the basic burger and the cheapest one) now being $7.50 (was $6.50 when they opened). They now also charge 50 cents for a side of their dipping sauces if you want that with the fries that come with your burger though it doesn't say that anywhere on the menu nor did the guy taking our order tell us. We found out looking at our receipt. That's one of my pet peeves - restaurants charging for small extras without saying they do upfront. Though your choice of sauce still comes with a regular order of fries.
Those fries are still GOOD stuff! Seasoned with fresh herbs, double cooked in peanut oil. Among the best ones in town. YUM!
The burgers are smaller than last year, at least on this visit. My husband specifically commented that last year the burger could barely fit in his mouth because it was so thick, though it was still a small patty in width. This visit -no prob with fitting in his mouth- it wasn't that thick at all. They still taste uber fresh and are satisfying to the taste buds but the burger's just not big enough for someone like my hubby even though it comes with a side of fries. This is the biggest disappointment for a real burger lover. He wants to eat what he enjoys and the DB burgers are tasty but not enough. And at $9 or so a pop he wants more burger to feast on. Sidenote: Diablo is now branding their english muffin buns with a cool "db" logo (see photo).
Tomato soup with cilantro and cream
No veggie burger has made it to the menu though it is still being promised. There's still no Coke or Pepsi as its not in line with their principals but it would taste SO good with those fries.
They're also not serving Arizona beers. Still the ones from Cali- they may be tasty but that's still not in line with the "local" focus, and there are some great beers made in Arizona.
I got the soup of the day as well as fries on my visit today - a tomato soup with cilantro and cream. Spicy and flavorful. But not creamy at all. Tasted freshly made, as you'd expect from Diablo. Though I think I'd go for the burger over this particular soup.
DB's kids' Junior Marilyn burger

Diablo now has a nice kids menu - $4.50 for a 1/2 size burger and fries. Add 50 cents for cheese on that. Or kids can get a junior grilled cheese and fries for $4.75. These kid-sized burgers are the perfect size for kids and all served well done.
Diablo Burger has added some super cool outdoor picnic tables with umbrellas. Can't wait to sit on those (and bring along a can of Coke, shhh don't tell) when it warms up! They've also added some great high chairs that attach to the bar-height table tops- good news for parents. My baby approved of those- see photo below.
New baby seats

All in all - Diablo Burger is still great stuff with a cool atmosphere despite those few issues I have. You can feel good about dining here with their focus on fresh eco-local foods. Read my review from last year for more details about all the rest of the stuff on their menu.


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