May 2, 2010

Profile: Metate Room Restaurant at Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Profile: Mesa Verde National Park’s Metate Room Restaurant
  • Brian Puett, Executive Chef
  • Far View Lodge  - Metate Room Restaurant
  • Open for over 30 years
  • 1 Navajo Hill, Box 277, Mesa Verde National Park, CO 81330
Brian Puett, Executive Chef Metate Room Restaurant
Photo courtesy Metate Room Restaurant
Examiner: What makes your establishment unique?
Brian: Far View Lodge is located 15 miles inside Mesa Verde NP.  Both the lodge and the Metate Room offer spectacular views, some into 4 states.

Examiner:  What is a little known factoid about your place?
Brian: Lodge and Metate Room are located at 8250 feet elevation.

Examiner:  What is your specialty?
Brian: Sustainable cuisine reflecting heritage foods of the southwest and the original tribal inhabitants,
Examiner:  What is your patrons' favorite thing about your establishment?
Brian:  Award winning dining and great Colorado wines list.
Examiner:  What is your patrons' favorite thing about your establishment? What's your favorite?
Brian: "Napoleon Looking West" dessert.

Examiner: Anything new on the horizon that people can look forward to trying?
Brian:  Complimentary black bean hummus with home made flat breads.

Metate Room/Photo courtesy:
Examiner:  What is the top thing you recommend visitors to your city do/see - besides your business, of course?
Brian: Experience America's oldest history by visiting any or all of Mesa Verde's ancient sites and cliff dwellings. Who wouldn't want to visit the nation's largest archaeological preserve!

This article is part of a travel series profiling chefs, owners, managers and people behind the scenes of restaurants, hotels and other things of interest to tourists and locals alike across the Western US. These profiles also include a local favorite thing to see or do from the person at the helm in addition to him or her sharing the local flavor of their place.


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