May 17, 2010

Las Gorditas in Flagstaff, Arizona

Las Gorditas Mexican Restaurant
2900 N West St, Flagstaff AZ (Just south of Cedar in a small shopping center)
Las Gorditas is a true Flagstaff find. This mom and pop shop has been open four years. They serve Jalisco-style Mexican, all recipes of Mom Santana or recipes passed down for generations in her family.
They've done a nice job with decorating the little space in a small shopping center with traditional Mexican art and tchotchkes.
At the heart of Las Gorditas is a fresh salsa bar with six salsas all made by "mom" with  recipes she keeps so secret she won't even tell her daughter.
Guacamole salsa is an avocado infused delight. Nothing like your typical guac yet it beckons you to take another bite. Its a touch creamy but more like a typical salsa than guacamole in every way. The salsa verde is drinkable. It has a peppery taste that I swear hints to star of anise. I asked but the recipe is top secret. Only mom knows what's in there. It is sure to cure sinus congestion.
The enchiladas here are so good. The red sauce is flavorful but not spicy and they're a super bargain at $4.99 for 2 cheese with rice and beans both at lunch and dinner time. And they're mouthwatering.
The gorditas are also a treat. Fresh with nice thick masa. I like the bean and cheese one, though it's hard to go wrong with carnitas gorditas too.
Another fav of mine, the chicken tacos. Nice fresh, well seasoned and tender chicken breast diced with a little lettuce, tomato and cheese. Add some of that guaca salsa and you have a home run.

I've yet to try anything at Las Gorditas that isn't fresh and tasty. This is the place to go for top notch but low cost Mexican food in Flagstaff


Anonymous said...

I agree ! Awesome food ! Carnitas are top notch.

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