January 15, 2010

Hot Buffalo-style Chicken Wings of Flagstaff: Fratelli Pizza

Looking for the best hot wings in Flagstaff? This article is part of the new Hot Buffalo-style Chicken Wings of Flagstaff guide that samples the wings of the city so you can find your favorite. Today's wings are from Fratelli Pizza.

Fratelli Pizza (downtown location)
119 West Phoenix
menu at: http://www.fratellipizza.net

Fratelli is a classic Flagstaff pizzaria. Known for their fab slices, they have worthy wings too. Fratelli's wings come in only two options. The wings are crispy without being dry. An order is 8 wigs. You can get half and half if you want. They come with a handful of baby carrot, a big ol cup of Fratelli's fab ranch dressing and some lettuce (that can make a nice simple salad to cool down after the spicy buffalo sauce). Here's a look at how the flavors shake down:
Spicy buffalo- No kidding about the spicy. These are surprisingly hot being there's no regular. Bold flavor that is quite addictive. I couldn't wait to go back for another one for some more burn on my lips.
BBQ- More of a rib glaze than a pure barbeque sauce. Dark brown and super sticky. Mild flavor and sweet and sticky like honey.


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