January 12, 2010

Hot Buffalo-style Chicken Wings of Flagstaff: Big Foot BBQ

Looking for the best hot wings in Flagstaff? This article is part of the new Hot Buffalo-style Chicken Wings of Flagstaff guide that samples the wings of the city so you can find your favorite. Today's wings are from the ever popular Bigfoot BBQ...

Bigfoot BBQ
Basement of the Old Town Shops, downtown Flagstaff at Leroux & Birch
Menu at: bigfootbbq.com

Bigfoot is a Flagstaff staple. They have one of the best salads, some of the best sides, some of the best wings and some of the best housemade buttermilk ranch dressing for those wings in town! You can get them by the dozen or half dozen. On Mondays a dozen wings are half off - making for a bargain dinner, especially when paired with their garlic romano fries. Mmmm. Here's a look at the wings of Bigfoot:
BBQ- These are the best barbecue wings I've tried in town. Sweet but not too sweet, mellow, a touch smoky. Highly satisfying.
High Octane- Some of the most popular wings at Bigfoot. A nice flavor, not gonna burn ya out. Can see the flecks of black and red peppers. Spicy, tangy and flavorful.
Regular- Has a nice light coating of the regular buffalo sauce that you can fin on many of Bigfoot's buffalo items tangy with only a hint of afterburn.
Teriyaki - Another intersting take on an asian inspired wing, this one is a touch sweet a touch salty in soy sauce kinda way a touch tangy, reminiscent of teriyaki sauce without going full asian restaurant flavor.


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