January 8, 2010

Hot Buffalo-style Chicken Wings of Flagstaff: Ski Lift Lodge Restaurant

Looking for the best hot wings in Flagstaff? The ones at Ski Lift Lodge are definite contenders. This article is part of the new Hot Buffalo-style Chicken Wings of Flagstaff guide that samples the wings of the city so you can find your favorite. Today's wings are from the Ski Lift Lodge Cabins and Restaurant...

Ski Lift Lodge Cabins and Restaurant
Hwy 180 at the base of Snowbowl Rd (map)
menu and specials online at: arizonasnowbowl.com

About a ten minute drive north of downtown you'll find the Ski Lift Lodge Cabins and Restaurant... home to about 8 flavors of wings that come highly recommended. They make all their own sauces here, except the jerk rub (but then that's not a sauce). You can get them by the half or full dozen, one flavor per six wings. On Thursdays (they're open from 4-9pm with happy hour from 4-6 with discounts on drinks and appetizers) they have half price wings all night. Great deal. Here's a look at what to expect in their flavor rainbow:
Mild - tangy flavor captures the essence of buffalo without much heat at all. Nice job, this is hard to do.
Medium - adds about 5 degrees of heat and a more vinegary taste to the mild
Hot- working my way up the fire line, this one just adds a touch more peppery taste but you don't really taste the extra heat 'til after eating them. I like that kind of backburn.
Injured Skier-  whoa momma... that one is spicy. I like spice but this is fire.
Raspberry Chipotle - cools the mouth after the Injured Skier wings - and boy will you need it! Almost refreshing and so interesting to the taste buds. Not like any other wing I've tried. Made with fresh raspberries and a touch of chipotle peppers back in the kitchen. Mmmmm. I would have loved to taste this one with a hef beer, but they don't have it at this time.
BBQ- thick sauce has a little extra ketchup-y taste than most barbeque sauces, but not overly sweet, very mild.
Teriyaki - all sweet almost honey-like. Dare I say almost tastes like there's a hint of beer flavoring in there somewhere. A surprisingly good wing that I will order again (and my kids loved this one too).
Blackjack Jerk- dry rubbed wings with a little sweet mixed in with the flavors of pepper and other spices. This wing needs a little more moisture for my liking but the flavor is going in the right direction.
All in all- I'd opt for a combo of wings with three sauces here: medium, teriyaki and raspberry chipotle... for maximum flavor and uniqueness. The atmosphere at the Ski Lift Lodge is so comfortable and homey too (and a really nice wait staff), you may just stay a while.


strollerstridesflagstaff said...

great review! jerk is my favorite b/c it's dry & usually heavily coated.. I'm not really a wings fan so it works for me.. :) And 1/2 price thursday nights are such a deal & treat after an afternoon of skiing.

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