January 7, 2010

Hot Buffalo-style Chicken Wings of Flagstaff: Granny's Closet

Looking for the best hot wings in Flagstaff? This begins the new Hot Buffalo-style Chicken Wings of Flagstaff guide that samples the wings of the city so you can find your favorite. We start with the ever-popular Granny's...

Granny's Closet
218 S. Milton Rd.
menu at: Grannys-Closet.com

When you ask people in Flagstaff where to go for wings 9 times out of 10 they'll say Granny's. Granny's has 7 types of wings everyday. You can buy them by the full or half dozen. On Wednesdays they're 40 cents each all day.  Here's a look at each type of wing style Granny's serves up:
Plain - just the wing, no sauce, as simple as humanly possible.
Medium - lots of tanginess not too hot nice and moist perfect for a spicy lightweight
Hot - turn up the spice by one notch on the medium what I would call a traditional hot wing
Suicide Jabenero - the smell is powerful and tickles the nose this one is serious business about its spiciness while still flavorful. Be sure to have a beer or coke or water on hand after these. Burning my lips but in a good way still fifteen minutes after eating them. Whoa nelly.
BBQ- these are barbeque sauce coated: sweet, mellow and saucy
Spicy BBQ- sweet and tangy with a touch spicy, mostly as an afterburn
Teriyaki - a pleasant change of taste. more of a soy sauce taste than a traditional sweet terriyaki not spicy or tangy distinctively its own thing


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