August 3, 2008

Javelina Cantina - $ Saving UPDATE

by Angele Sionna

I just went to Javelina Cantina last night for dinner and it was great again! I still hold that it's the best Mexican in Arizona. For my full Javelina Cantina Review with details on their fantastic food - click HERE.

I wanted to be sure to write a quick update to share some new info the waitress shared with me that could save you money!

**Here are a few new money saving TIPS:

  • If you tell any waiter/waitress that you are a local (ie, from Flagstaff, Sedona, etc.) they will automatically take 10% off your bill, no coupon needed!

  • She also told me that right now there is a coupon for 20% off your bill in one of the free local magazines that are available at most tourist info spots.

  • Another money saving tidbit I found out about - their frequent diner card. Every time you purchase a meal of $10 or more, you get one stamp on your card (max of two stamps per card per visit, but they will stamp multiple cards). Once you get to 12 stamps, you get up to $12 off your bill.

Warning though - there is some MAJOR construction going on right now on Sedona's main streets. It took us over an hour to get the last mile or so into the city coming down 89A from Flagstaff. When we were discussing this with our helpful waitress she told us that it has taken as long as two hours for drivers to get from I-17 into Sedona via Highway 179. So your best bet into the city seems to be via 89A northbound coming form Cottonwood.


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