May 5, 2011

Where to celebrate national food holidays in May in Flagstaff, Arizona

From National Barbecue Month to National Asparagus Month, May has it all. It’s also the month for celebrating chocolate custard, eggs, gazpacho, hamburgers, salad, salsa and strawberries. And not to be left out, the first week of the month is also National Herb Week. The fourth week of the month is American Beer Week. Something for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a look at where to celebrate food holidays this month in Flagstaff…

May 4: National Homebrew Day - If you don’t make your own, get the next best thing… head on over to The Lumberyard (5 S. San Francisco), Beaver Street (11 S Beaver) or Flagstaff Brewing Co. (16 East Route 66). These local joints make handcrafted beers to celebrate.

May 5: Cinco de Mayo calls for a fiesta at La Fonda. This local joint may be off the beaten path, but they make Mexican classics that hit the spot. The lunch specials can’t be beat, like delish cheese enchiladas, rice, beans, a soda and a sopapilla all for about $8. Ole!

May 6: International No Diet Day – So eat what you want, wait there’s a day for that in May too (May 11). So double your pleasure and go fancy free both days. A good place to start when diets are of no concern, Mountainaire Tavern (10 Mountainaire Rd.). They have some of the best, flavorful, super duper fried onion rings around. Served with ranch, thank you very much. They also fry up broccoli and other veggies.

May 8: National Empanada Day - Empanadas aren’t a common Flagstaff menu item. But when Bigfoot BBQ (120 N Leroux) does their Jazz Fest Bread (aka crawfish empanadas), run, don’t walk. These tasty treats are a must try, even if seafood’s not your thang.

May 10: National Shrimp Day – You don’t have to be Bubba Gump to enjoy some good shrimp – fried, grilled, skewered, drowned in butter, in ceveche… you name it. Try the southwestern grilled shrimp app at Cottage Place (126 W Cottage) with ancho aioli, the shrimp tempura at Karma (6 E Rte 66), and the shrimp with garlic sauce at Golden Dragon (2730 E Lakin Dr).

May 28: National Brisket Day means a trip to Satchmo’s (2320 N. 4th St.). Order up the sliced BBQ brisket sandwich plate with tater tots and more tater tots (they’re awesome)!

May 31: National Macaroon Day – Treat yourself to some Sugar Mamas (116 S. San Francisco) goodies. Macaroons aren’t always on their menu but if they have them stock up and munch down.

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This article was originally written for Flagstaff Live! by me.


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