April 18, 2011

The best fried foods in Flagstaff

There’s something about fried food that just tastes so good… when it’s done right. People have been frying food for ages. The first frying pans came to be in ancient Mesopotamia. And when people taste a good thing, it spreads like wildfire. SO it’s no surprise that fried foods span the globe taking on new life with each culture. From fried veggies to fried desserts, here’s a look at some fried favorites of Flagstaff… just remember to not go too fried crazy too often, your pants will thank you for that.

6 E Route 66
Head to Karma for a tasty fried dessert. They do a marvelous Bananas Tempura with a chocolate drizzle that will knock your fried socks off. And if you are celebrating a birthday, tell the waiter and it will arrive with a giant sparkler on top to boot. (Note: They’ve got good tempura everything here, so tempura veggies and shrimp would make a good full fried meal to top off with your bananas tempura, should you desire it.)

19 East Aspen
Pasto has a unique spin on fries… they do portobella mushroom and egglant slices delicately battered and fried. Then they serve it with a fancy homemade balsamic port reduction to dip them in as you would ketsup but 100 times more tasty. I think about these ALL of the time they’re so delish.

16 N San Francisco
If its fried calamari you have a hankering for, then head straight to Criollo. They do this app right. The calamari is battered in coconut and masa then fried up and served with mango slaw and cilantro aioli. This is a must have!

Diablo Burger
120 N. Leroux
Those DG fries are so incredibly delish that I have to nominate them as the best fries in town… and therefore the only ones I’m putting on this list. (Though there are several other places that come a close second.) DB knocks the fries (aka “frites”) out of the park double cooking them in peanut oil Belgium-style and tossed with fresh rosemary. They smell as delightful as they taste! They’re served with special homemade dipping sauces including ranch, Hatch Chile Mayo, spicy honey mustard and pesto.

Louie’s Chicken Shack
2116 E Route 66
Louie’s has some great homemade chicken strips. They're big ol strips of chicken breast dredged in a homemade mix of paprika, spices and flour and fried up in peanut oil. They're light, crispy and quite tasty. Try their homemade Louie Sauce for dipping. (If you're from Utah or have traveled there you'll find it similar to Fry Sauce.)

120 N Leroux (in the Basement Marketplace)
While there’s a plethora of fried goodness on the menu at Bigfoot, try yourself one of their Shrimp Boats. This fried basket of yum has10 Redhook Ale battered shrimps served with a homemade remoulade sauce. But wait there’s more – you also get French fries and hush puppies. You’ll be ready for a salad for dinner after this one!

Granny’s Closet
218 S. Milton
Granny’s is a cozy little spot that serves up a southern fried classic – chicken fried steak. At dinner, the chicken fried steak entrée comes with veggies plus mashed potatoes and gravy, or as they call it down South “the works.” So just sit back, turn on the tv at your table and prepare to chow down.

Lumberyard Grill
5 S. San Francisco
The Lumberyard occasionally makes Mac ‘n Cheez balls, as they’re known. When you see these on their specials of the day menu, order up. These are mac and cheese balled up, rolled in batter and fried. They taste so good and go so perfectly with a nice cool beer. Why would you not?

Mountainaire Tavern
110 Mountainaire Rd
For deliciously bad for you fried goodness in onion ring form, check out the Mountainaire Tavern. This dive does it right with homemade beer battered rings. You can also get beer battered fried mushrooms, zucchini, cauliflower or broccoli. All served with ranch. Now you can tell mom you're eating your veggies every day!


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