March 6, 2011

Where to celebrate March Food Holidays in Flagstaff

Here we are to March, as we take our trip through the year looking at national food holidays and where to celebrate them in Flagstaff. Be sure to look out for Chocolate Chip Cookie Week is the second week of the month! Every single day in March actually has some sort of food holiday, so here are just the highlights and where to hit up in town to feast those days...

March 6
National Frozen Food Day is on the calendar, so just heat up lunch in ye ol microwave… or take a different take and go for drinking something tasty and frozen like a frozen margarita at Salsa Brava (2220 East Rte. 66) or one of the delish milkshakes at Diablo Burger (120 N Leroux, on the square), as they both have something frozen in them worthy of your tasting.

March 14
It’s “Pi Day” in math geek circles (as “pi” is 3.141414) so celebrate in solidarity and eat some homemade pie goodness at Miz Zips (2924 E Route 66 ) or the Galaxy Diner (931 W Route 66). Really any reason to celebrate pie is a good one and these two spots make ones worthy of merrymaking.

March 17
Today is Corned Beef And Cabbage Day – of course, as it is St Patrick’s Day! Head to Collin’s Irish Pub (2 N. Leroux St.) downtown. They serve this classic Irish dish up every day slow cooked just how it should be. Down a pint (or two) of Guinness just to be in the spirit of the day while you’re there too.

March 18
Warm your tummy with sweet baked goodness on Oatmeal Cookie Day. Try out the ones at Macy’s Coffee House (14 S. Beaver St.). They don’t do oatmeal everyday, but when they do – mmmmm. You can, however, special order them to celebrate your love of Oatmeal Cookie Day or any other day for that matter.

March 19
Poultry Day should take you to Cottage Place (126 West Cottage Ave.) to dine on the finest birds in town. Opt for their Chinatown duck roasted in an Asian Marinade and served with a plum sauce or try the artichoke chicken for a fancy grilled take on a chicken breast entree.

March 21
National French Bread Day, so you know where to go – The Village Baker (1237 S Plaza Way), home to every type of wonderfully scrumptious bread you can think of made by hand in town.

March 23
It’s National Chip and Dip Day so head for some pita chips and hummus dip at Pita Jungle (320 S Regent St.). They have traditional hummus (made with chickpea puree, tahini sauce, fresh garlic and lemon juice), a roasted bell pepper hummus plus a cilantro jalepeno hummus that adds some extra zing.

March 28
For celebrating Something On A Stick Day, take a trip to the Greek Islands (109 East Phoenix Ave.) and welcome the traditionally delightful flavors of beef or chicken souvlaki (that’s beef or chicken on a skewer stick, if you’re not familiar).

March 31
The month ends on Tater Day. So for some of them good ol’ fried up taters, mosey on over to Satchmo’s (2320 North 4th St.) for tater tots with their secret seasonings and/or Bigfoot BBQ’s (120 N. Leroux in the Old Town Shops basement) tater salad for a lip smacking tater tribute.

Every single day of March has a food celebration. You can check out every single one of them at, should you desire to do so, then think of your fav spots in town to celebrate them.

(This article was written by me originally for Flagstaff Live!)


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