December 14, 2009

Oregano's Bistro in Flagstaff

605 W Riordan, On Riordan at Milton, Flagstaff
Menu at

Oregano's is a comfortable family joint that has something for every one and it smells good in here!
The appetizers are among the best in town and a must order from the menu, even if its for your whole meal. The best of the best- a basket of their waffle fries (the best fries in town), the GuacaTony (which it like bruchetta meets pizza meat chips and guacamole) and the calamari.
For the main course there's gianormous salads (my fav being the southwest shrimp ceasar), pastas, baked pastas in bread bowls, Chicago-style stuffed pizza (it takes a while, so order that before you go), thin crust pizzas, and deluxe hot sandwiches (both for meat lovers and vegetarians). All the sandwiches come with a side of the yummy fries. There's also lunch specials.

Kids menu includes a slice of pizza for two bucks or pasta for 3. Kids drinks are 69 cents.
The dessert menu is brief but delish for warm gooey cookie lovers. They usually will give you one for free on your birthday to boot.
The waitstaff is friendly, complimenting the colorful decor and laid back feel. Sometimes the lunch wait is long, sometimes you'll get lucky. In the spring/summer the patio is the best spot to sit (there's no a/c). In the winter the booths are the best.
All in all, Oregano's is one of the best places to go relax and have a great meal!


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