April 23, 2009

Del Rio Delicatessen in Flagstaff, Arizona

  • Del Rio Delicatessen
  • 117 S San Fransisco, Flagstaff, AZ
  • Call 928-637-6431 to find out soup of the day, etc

After what I'm told was years of requests, an old menu from a little local sandwich spot is back in town on South San Fransisco. This time it's at Del Rio Delicatessen, which I'm told Flagstaff old timers will remember many of the featured items that used to be at the Czech Mamushkas,  located on the same street 18 years before.
Del Rio has been open for a few weeks now next to Cafe Ole, just south of the tracks downtown. The owners of Del Rio used to own Cafe Ole until recently. And when the tenant at the deli's current spot went under they decided to open Del Rio in its spot, because they own the building.
This little joint is decorated quite nicely, especially for tourists who want to get a classic old west feel. Del Rio has old west TV posters on the wall and music playing. The menu is simply written on a wipe off board on the wall. The items are simple choices as well: a soup of the day, a few sandwiches and two salads. Sides consist of garlic bread, chips and what they call french potato salad (which is pretty much regular potato salad but with carrots diced up in it). No fountain drinks here- just canned sodas (over priced at a buck and a half each- yikes), bottled juice and iced tea.
On this visit, we tried a bowl of chicken tortilla soup, which comes with a few pieces of garlic bread for $5. It was okay but disappointingly not hot, just warm. Flavor was nothing to write home about. Much more like a tomato soup with some southwestern spices and corn tossed in.
We also got the Rubenesque sandwich, priced at $8. It was a small sandwich of average taste for a Reuben. The meat was sliced way too thick and the dressing tasted like generic bottled dressing. For eight bucks this thing should have been bigger or come with something besides a condiment bowl-sized serving of lackluster slaw. At least a few chips or something but nope. It would have been fine for a five buck sandwich but at eight bucks, I'll pass.
There's nothing for little kids here- no half sandwiches or even a cup of soup. You an only get a cup of soup as an added side of three bucks with your sandwich purchase. So if you get a sandwich, that might be an option. We went with a side of the potato salad for $2.25 for my three year old. She didn't want it, though it tasted pretty good. But again a really really small serving for the price.
All in all, I really wanted to like Del Rio. If they lower their prices, then I'd give them another shot. Otherwise, there's better places where you get better food and more of it for these prices.


JJ McCool J said...

I work 2 doors down from the Cafe Del Rio and eat there at least twice a week. I find the portions ample(I'm a pig) and love the sandwiches and wraps. In fact I haven't found a better sandwich spot in town.
They just started serving breakfast on the weekend, I'm dieing to try some of their Mexican inspired dishes. This is the family who originally opened and operated Cafe Ole next door, before selling it several years ago.
For you Flagstaff old timers; these folks also ran Malushka's before opening Ole.

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