June 30, 2008

Thai Delight Cafe

By Arikka Fullmer

6271 Dixie Dr., West Jordan, UT
(no menu on line)

The Food (taste/flavor/quality of food & drinks)
= always great, unique, and flavorful no matter where you're from

The Atmosphere (environment, wait staff, comfortableness)
xxxx = comfortable

Price (what to generally expect to pay per person per entree)
$= under $10

(what you get for your money)
***** = superb -lots of quality/taste for what you pay

Not since my travels to Thailand have I had phad thai this good.
You would think the traditional noodle dish would be an easy and consistent staple from restaurant to restaurant. But I’ve had so many terrible variations in the U.S. that when I find a gem I hold on. I flirt with keeping it a secret but it seems word is out on Thai Delight.
Despite its out of the way location (for downtowners like me), it is a crowd favorite valley wide. Thai Delight is just off Bangerter highway and 6200 South in a strip mall with plenty of parking.The service is genuinely friendly and quick! The prices were just as refreshing. Main dishes from 8 to 10 dollars with plenty leftover for tomorrow’s lunch.

Thai Delight’s version of pad thai included chicken, shrimp, and tofu (perfectly cooked). I can’t stomach poorly fried tofu. I’m also a curry snob - I like it full bodied, spicy, and yellow. But on this trip, we ordered the Peanut Panang Curry with green peppers and chicken. It’s a red curry so our waitress asked how hot we wanted it. I loved that she gave us a choice and I loved her reaction when we said ‘Thai’ hot. I guess most Utahns, or most folks in West Jordan like it mild.

If you are looking for authentic Thai tastes and a varied menu then you will enjoy Thai Delight. The family run location is modestly decorated with booth seating. A trip to the bathroom takes you through the casual kitchen giving you a homey feel. It’s always reassuring to see where your food is prepared. The chef made it look effortless and delightful.


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