September 5, 2011

Where to celebrate September food holidays in Flagstaff

Mmm mmm mmm. September is National Breakfast Month. Plus it includes an homage to bacon (with International Bacon Day falling on September 3rd), a whole week for waffles (the second week of the month), a month of celebrating biscuits plus another (September 26th) and it wouldn’t be complete without a day dedicated to coffee, the breakfast beverage of choice (September 29th). Flagstaff has so many good spots for celebrating breakfast (La Bellavia, Brandy’s, Martanne’s, Mike and Rhonda’s all pop to mind instantly). Here’s a look at more food holidays this month and where to celebrate them in Flagstaff…

September 5: Cheese Pizza Day
New Jersey Pizza Company (2224 East Cedar Ave.), despite the incredibly long wait that seems to come with ordering from them, has the most delectable cheese pizza with house-made, hand pulled mozzarella. I often ignore the wait because it is just so mouthwatering! For a different take on this classic – try Pizza Furiosa’s (2500 S Woodlands Village Blvd) cheese pizza which includes mozzarella, asiago and parmesean cheeses. Delish and different!

September 10: TV Dinner Day
Who says a TV dinner needs to be frozen and subpar? Not me! Make it much better with a delivery from Hot Wok Express. (1000 N Humphreys St -928-226-1007). The Chicken Lo Mein, Orange Chicken, Moo Goo Gai Pan and Broccoli Beef are can’t fail options. Order up and plop down on the couch with some college games on the tube – and you’re good to go!

September 13: National Peanut Day
Thai peanut sauce lovers go crazy… celebrate national peanut day with your favorite peanutty dish. My choice – Chicken Pad Thai level three with a side salad at lunch at Dara Thai  (14 S San Francisco) for just $6.95. Hard to beat all around!

September 15: National Linguine Day
Go for Cottage Place’s (126 W. Cottage) “Twilight Menu” for some ultimate linguini. They’re serving up a smoked salmon linguini and a beef stroganoff over linguini –on this special menu, served between 5pm and 6pm.

September 16: National Guacamole Day
Who says you have to go Mexican for delish guacamole. I love Oregano’s (605 W Riordan Rd) Guaca Tony. It’s an Italian take on this classic mushy green dish made with basil, roasted garlic and avocado. It’s served in a heaping mound on their pizza crust 'chips.' It’s a meal or an app and it’s G-O-O-D!

September 18: National Cheeseburger Day
No question I my mind – make the trip to Diablo Burger (120 N Leroux), the joint that made me a true lover of burgers. Order up a Marilyn (aka cheeseburger) with one of the many cheeses on hand – from Pepper Jack to Swiss.

September 28: Drink Beer Day
Only one day dedicated to beer (what a shame) and it’s on a Wednesday. But go on a pub crawl anyway (with a designated driver in tow, of course) from the Flagstaff Brewing Co. (16 E. Rte. 66) to Beaver Street Brewery (11 S Beaver St) and on over to The Lumberyard (5 S San Francisco). All make delish house-crafted brewskis to enjoy all day long.

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*This story was originally written for Flagstaff Live, also by me!*


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