January 30, 2011

Greek Islands restaurant in Flagstaff

Greek Islands
109 E Phoenix Ave
This homey hole in the wall with a teeny tiny patio (but hey, at least they have one) seats maybe thirty people tops but is a great escape from traditional Flagstaff. You'll find the owners working here, serving up all sorts of authentic Greek specialties. The chicken chunks are boldly marinated in a lemon herb blend that brings a mouthful of flavor in each bite. The gyros are overstuffed and the thing to get if you can’t decide. Get something, anything (like the calamari) with the housemade marinara sauce. It is fantastic - unique and surprisingly different - a flavor that hints to anise, fennel or something similar that will bring you back bite after bite. Other things to try at Greek Islands: moussaka (which is basically an eggplant and lamb casserole), spinach pie and beef or chicken souvlaki. Note, Greek Islands is cash only, but not to fear there's an ATM right inside. They’ve got their full menu on Facebook


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