December 16, 2010

Satchmo's Update (12/16/10) Flagstaff, Arizona

Satchmo's BBQ
2320 N. 4th St
Flagstaff, AZ
Satchmo's is open in it's new location, in a small unassuming shopping complex on 4th st just south of 7th ave. The brightly colored Louis armstrong-themed decor lifts the spirits on your lunch break, sans any spirits offerings. The tables are covered in paper with a box of crayons in the condiments baskets for doodling as you wait for your order to be delivered. When you walk in, head to the counter and check out the menu -there are a few changes since they first opened in the tiny old location, most notably no turkey sandwiches.
There are some additions worth trying too... Like the trust chili, made with local free range beef. This is an almost soupy gumbo like style of chili. It's quite tasty and warms both the mouth and the tummy. And it comes with a nice little cornbread roll. Order a small /2 pint for $3.50 or a large pint for $6. Another must have, the satchmos tots. These babies are deep fried then coated with satchmos special seasonings. Quite a tasty treat.
On the barbecue front, satchmos has pulled pork, brisket and chicken sandwiches plus ribs, all of which you can order as a basket with a side or stand alone.
The house made barbecue sauces are right on the table. Choose either sweet or spicy. Both are thick and flavorful options.
Satchmos doesn't have their menu posted anywhere officially yet, so check out the below photo for the menu as of December 16, 2010:

Do note they're closed on Sundays and Mondays. Check their website for current hours.


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