September 5, 2009

Satchmo's barbecue in Flagstaff

  • Satchmo's
  • 129 E Arrowhead, just of Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ
  • Menu online at:

The Food (taste/flavor/quality of food & drinks)
>>>= good, but not great

The Atmosphere (environment, wait staff, comfortableness)
x= if the food’s good enough, still worth going, otherwise forget it

Price (what to generally expect to pay per person per entree)
$$ $10

Value (what you get for your money)
* = overpriced period, food isn’t good enough to make up for the cost

Satchmo's is a relative newcomer to Flagstaff, located just off of Route 66 a few miles east of downtown, in a small building with a drive thru and walk up window. There are two tables outside to sit at if you opt to "dine in." They have limited hours/days they're open - Wednesdays thru Saturdays from 11am-2pm and 4-7pm.

Satchmo's serves up barbequed sandwiches and pork ribs plus gumbo and jambalaya. The ribs are only available from 4-7pm on Saturday nights. They say they do run out, so go early if you're craving ribs. The sandwich options include pulled pork and beef plus smoked turkey. Sides include Kansas City Pit style baked beans, red potato salad, cornbread and slaw.

Satchmo's has a lot of hype, so it is a place I had to try. But ever time I've gone I've left feeling hungry and disappointed. I've tried their large beef sandwich, large turkey sandwich and small jambalaya. I asked the difference between the small and large sandwiches besides the $1.50 price - I was told the small was 1/4 pound of meat and the large was 1/2 pound. So I was expecting a nice size sandwich for my $7 a pop -no sides included, but that was not the case. The portions were far from generous and our large sandwiches looked much closer to a quarter pounder. (For only $12 you can get a full pound of meat over at Big John's down the street. And his pound of meat is way more than double of what's on Satchmo's large sandwich.)

As far as taste goes, the beef has good flavor on its own. It is seasoned well and a touch towards the salty side. But the sauces don't add much. The sweet barbeque sauce is thick and the better choice here, as the spicy sauce doesn't taste like barbeque sauce at all. It tastes more like chili powder in a watery tomato base. The turkey was tender and good. But again I was disappointed because it tastes more like Thanksgiving turkey than the smoky flavor of barbequed turkey.

As for the jambalaya, I would expect a small for $3 to be somewhat filling, as jumbalyaya is commonly served as a dish on its own in the south. But the small is definitely more of a side dish here. It wouldn't be filling for anyone but a little kid. Makes me wonder how large the large is. The flavor was spicy but was missing the big ol chunks of stuff. Instead the sausage and celery was in really small bits.

All in all Satchmo's was a let down when considering price, portions and taste. The flavorings were decent but there's several places in town with just as good or better taste where you also get more for your money.


Jim said...

Wow! I'm surprised at how much you disliked Satchmo's. We go there on a weekly basis and find the sandwiches to be more than worth the price! As far as the turkey goes I'm pretty sure that the menu indicates that its oven or pan roasted, and is NOT smoked or BBQ'd. The owner told me it's a BBQ alternative for those not feeling like BBQ. I see here that you didn't mention the pork? How can you comment on their Q if you didn't even get the PORK??? Pork is BBQ! (at least in KC where I'm from!).
Too bad you didn't like it. We will continue to keep on going and spreading the word as we feel that Satchmo’s is hands down the best in town.

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