February 27, 2009

Best sugary breakfasts on the go in Flagstaff

(This story, written by me, originally appeared in the 2/26/09 issue of Flagstaff Live!)

Man does not live by health food alone. Some days you need
that sugary sweet taste of a good donut or pastry to start
the day off right. Luckily, Flagstaff is a great place for
sweet-toothed folks to live and love (eating). Here are a few
places to find that perfectly sweetened morning sunshine for
your mouth …

Malone’s Bakery and Deli
1490 S. Riordan

Wanting the fresh, sugary goodness of a donut for breakfast
on a fine wintry morning? Malone’s is where you want to go.
They make the best homemade donuts in town in several
varieties—glazed, chocolate, maple and cake. Homer
Simpson would definitely approve!
Also on the menu are lots of other sweet morning treats like
Bavarian cream horns (quite a sweet punch and, I would
argue, more of a dessert but still good anytime of the day),
long johns filled with Bavarian cream (and my husband’s
fave sweet treat in the whole city), muffins, apple cinnamon
burritos, cinnamon twists, cinnamon rolls, pecan coffee cakes
and more.
If you’re looking for variety with great taste, this
is the stop to make.

Village Baker
1421 S. Milton

The Village Baker isn’t just for bread loaves anymore. When
they opened their new location behind Strombolli's, they
added an array of scrumptious breakfast pastries. The fresh
fruit Danish is fabulous and my fave. They also serve up
cinnamon rolls, cheese Danish, and apple, mixed berry and
cheese strudel. And if there’s a particular something you’re
craving and can’t find anywhere, Village Baker will custom
make anything you want with just a few days notice. You can
call them for details on custom orders at 773-9310. I’ve
never had anything here that wasn’t top of the line, so you
really can’t go wrong.

It’s About Coffee: The Factory
2620 N. Steves Blvd. (in Kachina Square)

This coffee house is also known for its fab cinnamon rolls.
They claim to be the best in Flag, and they are indeed quite
tasty. They’re ooey and gooey and you’re going to need to
get plenty of napkins. Be sure to ask them to heat it up for
ultimate enjoyment. The icing is a sweet, cream cheese-
style that really tantalizes the taste buds when warm. It’s
About Coffee also bakes up muffins. Both, of course, are a
fine choice with their coffees.

Macy's European Coffeehouse, Bakery and Vegetarian
14 S. Beaver

Macy’s is a Flagstaff must for good food and good-for-you
food. Even their sweet treats aren’t all bad for the bod with
such items as the vegan almond tofu Danish. The most
popular sweet breakfast treat on their menu is the almond
cream cheese Danish. It’s not what you’d call health food,
but it is magically delicious. Other breakfast sweets include
scones (which I personally favor), muffins and berry Danish.

Café Espress
16 N. San Francisco

Café Espress is another good choice for indulging that
morning hankering for something sweet. They bake up such
goodies as cream cheese Danish, turnovers, muffins and
bear claws. Of particular note are their turnovers and bear
claws, which are as popular as they are tasty. I personally
vote bear claw as the way to go here. Mmm.


Mike said...

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Jeff Saville said...

Thanks so much for doing this review Angele... I will for sure try the fries.. I am a huge fan of French Fries.... We will see how they stack-up...I am really looking forward to trying it out here soon... Really enjoy all your reviews... of Flagstaff grub...

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