January 11, 2009

Best spots for breakfast on the go in Flagstaff

Morning Quickies
By Angele Sionna

Need a morning quickie? Here are the best spots around town to grab breakfast on the go.

Malone’s Bakery & Deli, 1490 S Riordan Ranch St
Wanting the nice, fresh sugary goodness of a donut or maybe a filling breakfast burrito? Malone’s has the best of both in town and are great for on the go. They’ve got both vegetarian and meat lovers options on the burritos too.

Village Baker, 1421 S Milton Rd
The Village Baker isn’t just for bread loaves anymore. They’ve opened a new location behind Strombolli's on Milton and have added an array of scrumptious breakfast pastries. The fresh fruit Danish is fabulous.

Biff’s Bagels, 1 S Beaver St
What would a quickie breakfast guide be without mentioning the ever-popular Biff’s Bagels. They’ve got a great variety and are available served in all the classic ways from plain to toasted with cream cheese and bagel breakfast sandwiches. Try the coconut-almond bagel for unique goodness you’re not going to find anywhere else in town! (But don’t go try that right now. Instead for the holiday season, Biff’s has replaced it with pumpkin or cranberry-walnut, depending on the day.)

Route 66 Dog Haus, 1302 E Route 66
Needing a bite but don’t want to brave the cold? Check out the croissant breakfast sandwiches at the Dog Haus. This place is not for vegetarians by any means and substitutions are not allowed. They’re a greasy spoon for sausage and bacon-loving peeps on the go and in a hurry.


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