July 16, 2008

Bear Paw Café

By Arikka Fullmer

75 N Main St
St George, UT


The Food (taste/flavor/quality of food & drinks
>>>>= a favorite, can count on it being good every time

The Atmosphere (environment, wait staff, comfortableness)
xxxx = comfortable

Price (what to generally expect to pay per person per entree)
$under $10

Value (what you get for your money)
**** = worth it - you won’t be disappointed with what you get for your money

Here's a little gem I'm so happy I stumbled upon in St. George, Utah with great coffee. The Bear Paw Cafe has a classic facade on narrow Main Street. Forget the chain breakfast joints with typical greasy dishes. The Bear Paw lures you in with it’s vintage feel and by the patient line, you know it’s worth the wait.
The menu can be overwhelming, so many options that all sound so good! The drink menu alone is several pages with a full coffee/tea bar, smoothies, juices and tempting concoctions. The coffee is so good, I keep it simple.
For a simple breakfast try Grandma’s oatmeal, very filling. But my favorite is the eggs benedict with smoked salmon. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the vegi quiche and french toast.
There are plenty of twists on classic items with pecan, blueberry, baked apple, almond, and vanilla. Bear Paw’s rustic front is just a front for its sophisticated menu.
My gripes: The line, sometimes it moves quick, other times its slower than dripping molasses. The service, usually abrupt and all business. And they never bring that yummy coffee quick enough.


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