March 25, 2011

Where to find a taste of Europe in Flagstaff

Take a trip across Europe for your taste buds this spring without even leaving Flagstaff. Here’s how…

For French cuisine, try the Chateaubriand at the Cottage Place (126 W Cottage Ave). This tenderloin dinner for two is served with béarnaise sauce and a port-wine demi-glaze and carved tableside. It comes with fresh vegetables and smoked Gouda gratinee potatoes. Then head to Brix (413 N San Francisco) for a classic French cheese plate for dessert and Portuguese Madeira wine.

Spanish tapas (basically a small dish you eat while drinking) are found at Criollo (16 N San Francisco). Their tapas menu includes Marcona almonds dusted with chili powder, warm marinated Spanish olives, beer battered shrimp and bocadilla jamon (basically a fancy version of a ham sandwich).

Greek delights can be found at both the small Greek Islands (109 E Phoenix Ave.) and much larger Taverna Greek Grill (2420 S Woodlands Village Blvd). Gyros, souvlaki, spanakopita, and baklava are just the start of the Greek feast you’re in for at either. Both are quite tasty, it just matters what type of atmosphere you’re looking for as to which you should choose.

If you are hankering for a taste of Irish, head to Collins Irish Pub (2 N Leroux). Order up the classic corned beef and cabbage, the cottage pie or the Guinness beef stew. They also serve up English beloved fish n chips. Frank’s Daily Bread (1490 Riordan Ranch Rd) is another spot to try for fish n chips on Fridays when they serve up fish, chips and a soda as the daily special.

Go German with the Brewer’s Platter complete with two brats at Beaver Street Brewery (11 S Beaver). It’s not pure German, but we’ll go ahead and count it. Along the same lines, go Polish with the Polish Sausage served up with sauerkraut down the road at The Lumberyard (5 S San Francisco).

A taste of Italy awaits at Pasto (19 E Aspen). Order several of their small courses – try the portabella and eggplant fries, the spaghettini carbonara and Italian hotlinks. Or go a little Scottish while you’re here and order the Scottish salmon as a main dish. Add to the experience from mid-May on Pasto’s courtyard for a feel of Italian summers too. Get a different Italian experience with the dim, romantic lighting and intimate atmosphere of Mamma Luisa Italian Restaurant (2710 N Steves Blvd, at Kachina Square). Try the authentic saltimbocca, which means “jumps in the mouth.” If Italian sweets are what you’re in the mood for, try the new 1899 Bar and Grill’s (307 W. Dupont Ave, across from the High Country Conference Center and Drury Inn and Suites) panna cotta for dessert for a rich and creamy Italian dessert.

In the Euro breakfast field, try the Belgian waffles at It’s About Coffee (2620 N Steves Blvd). Once April rolls around, head to the Old Town Creperie (120 N Leroux, next to Diablo Burger) for the delicately delish French breakfast (and any time snack) of crepes.

March 24, 2011

Learn how to make the best soups from Flagstaff's Cottage Place

The folks at Cottage Place are once again hosting a cooking class on soups!
This is one of chef Frank's most popular classes and this year he will be teaching a new recipe on the Veloute for Soup.  He will also be teaching (and you of course sampling) a few new soups, including Corn & Masa Veloute, Asparagus Veloute and Cottage Place Bouillabaisse. You'll also learn how to do candied pecans for salads and Cottage Place's chocolate creme brulee.
Classes are: 
  • April 2nd starting at 11am
  • April 3rd starting at 12 noon
Call for reservations at 928-774-8431.

March 21, 2011

Vote for Your Favorite Green Chile Cheeseburger Restaurant in New Mexico

Get voting for your favorite green chile cheeseburger restaurant in New Mexico. Green Chile Cheeseburgers lovers can vote daily online at
You have less than two weeks, as voting officially ends at midnight March 31, 2011.
The top 30 restaurants who receive the most votes will have the honor of being part of the state's Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail Map. A culinary panel will add a few notable burgers to the list, to make sure recommendations are available to visitors in all corners of New Mexico.
Right now the top five vote getters are:
Blake’s Lotaburger, state wide
Bobcat Bite, Santa Fe
Buckhorn Tavern, San Antonio
Lumpy’s, Albuquerque
Owl Bar and Café, San Antonio.

March 10, 2011

Update: 1899 Bar and Grill in Flagstaff, Arizona

This is only an update. Read the full original review and see full lunch and dinner menus HERE.
Gave 1899 another try today. Surprised to be back a week or so again after their opening to find they already have different french fries. The good news is that they are much tastier fries - and waffle style. Still, I would have thought they settled on the type of fries they'd serve before the grand opening last week.
This visit we opted for the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and the Steak Sandwich as our entrees. The 1899 chicken sandwich is one of the best I've had in town. It comes with a delightful lemon lavender aioli sauce drizzled on top. Great aroma greeting your nose as you dig in. The chicken also had a great fire roasted flavor. Its served on focaccia bread to complete the experience. The Steak Sandwich, however, was a complete disappointment. Unlike most steak sandwiches it was serve as one large piece of meat, which would have been fine if the steak was at all tender. But it was far from it. It was not really edible as a sandwich and not flavorful enough to slice up like steak. However, when the waitress asked if everything was ok and saw the struggle trying to eat the sandwich, she apologized and comped the entree.
We'll head here again after they get settled and try dinner. 
Read more about 1899 and see their full menu HERE.

March 6, 2011

Where to celebrate March Food Holidays in Flagstaff

Here we are to March, as we take our trip through the year looking at national food holidays and where to celebrate them in Flagstaff. Be sure to look out for Chocolate Chip Cookie Week is the second week of the month! Every single day in March actually has some sort of food holiday, so here are just the highlights and where to hit up in town to feast those days...

March 6
National Frozen Food Day is on the calendar, so just heat up lunch in ye ol microwave… or take a different take and go for drinking something tasty and frozen like a frozen margarita at Salsa Brava (2220 East Rte. 66) or one of the delish milkshakes at Diablo Burger (120 N Leroux, on the square), as they both have something frozen in them worthy of your tasting.

March 14
It’s “Pi Day” in math geek circles (as “pi” is 3.141414) so celebrate in solidarity and eat some homemade pie goodness at Miz Zips (2924 E Route 66 ) or the Galaxy Diner (931 W Route 66). Really any reason to celebrate pie is a good one and these two spots make ones worthy of merrymaking.

March 17
Today is Corned Beef And Cabbage Day – of course, as it is St Patrick’s Day! Head to Collin’s Irish Pub (2 N. Leroux St.) downtown. They serve this classic Irish dish up every day slow cooked just how it should be. Down a pint (or two) of Guinness just to be in the spirit of the day while you’re there too.

March 18
Warm your tummy with sweet baked goodness on Oatmeal Cookie Day. Try out the ones at Macy’s Coffee House (14 S. Beaver St.). They don’t do oatmeal everyday, but when they do – mmmmm. You can, however, special order them to celebrate your love of Oatmeal Cookie Day or any other day for that matter.

March 19
Poultry Day should take you to Cottage Place (126 West Cottage Ave.) to dine on the finest birds in town. Opt for their Chinatown duck roasted in an Asian Marinade and served with a plum sauce or try the artichoke chicken for a fancy grilled take on a chicken breast entree.

March 21
National French Bread Day, so you know where to go – The Village Baker (1237 S Plaza Way), home to every type of wonderfully scrumptious bread you can think of made by hand in town.

March 23
It’s National Chip and Dip Day so head for some pita chips and hummus dip at Pita Jungle (320 S Regent St.). They have traditional hummus (made with chickpea puree, tahini sauce, fresh garlic and lemon juice), a roasted bell pepper hummus plus a cilantro jalepeno hummus that adds some extra zing.

March 28
For celebrating Something On A Stick Day, take a trip to the Greek Islands (109 East Phoenix Ave.) and welcome the traditionally delightful flavors of beef or chicken souvlaki (that’s beef or chicken on a skewer stick, if you’re not familiar).

March 31
The month ends on Tater Day. So for some of them good ol’ fried up taters, mosey on over to Satchmo’s (2320 North 4th St.) for tater tots with their secret seasonings and/or Bigfoot BBQ’s (120 N. Leroux in the Old Town Shops basement) tater salad for a lip smacking tater tribute.

Every single day of March has a food celebration. You can check out every single one of them at, should you desire to do so, then think of your fav spots in town to celebrate them.

(This article was written by me originally for Flagstaff Live!)

March 1, 2011

1899 Bar and Grill in Flagstaff, AZ

1899 Bar and Grill
307 W. Dupont Ave. (across from the High Country Conference Center and Drury Inn and Suites)
Full menus below this story
Read update to this review HERE

The 1899 Bar and Grill opened up this week in Flagstaff at the northern end of the Northern Arizona University campus in the historic North Union building.
The restaurant, a joint venture of the NAU Foundation and Sodexo, has a modern feel with an open feeling, high ceilings, simple decoration and lots of tile work on walls, floors and columns. As you enter you'll see a beautiful oversized fireplace with copper surround in the waiting area. There's also a small bar area. The restaurant has a good view of the goings on in the kitchen thanks to the open design.
The menu (see below for the lunch and dinner menus) is upscale with steakhouse and southwestern touches but there are plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options.
On this trip, we tried the Tilapia Pepita with pumpkin seeds served with wild rice and steamed broccoli. It is supposed to be topped with pico de gallo and jalepenos, but the staff forgot to include that. It was a quality dish though bland with the absence of those flavorful toppings. However, I'd still order this dish again. It was nicely prepared otherwise and still was a filling lunch. We also tried out the BBQ Burger. It's topped with their house made sauce and crispy onion ringlets (which they also forgot initially to include but the waitress brought those over) and served with fries, jicima slaw or fresh fruit salad. We got the fries. They were good but not standout.
Other dishes on the lunch menu include pork cutlet, lobster stuffed mushrooms, heirloom tomato salad, and portobello sandwich. (See below this story for images of the full lunch and dinner menus!)

1899 is open for lunch (from 11a-4pm) and dinner (4pm to 9pm) daily. Cash and credit are both accepted as are NAU's Jacks Debit Express and Dining Dollars.

For more photos of 1899 and its food, head to our Facebook page!
MENUS (Click on each image to bring it up extra large):


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