December 20, 2010

Flagstaff's Pesto Brothers set to close in 2011

After 12 years in Flagstaff, Pesto Brothers is set to close in 2011.
The restaurant is losing it's lease in it's current location and has yet to find a new location, so will close in January, on a yet to be released date.

"For now, if you have any plans to enjoy an evening out with friends or family, please think of one last meal at Pesto Brothers or catering for your holiday event," says Pesto Brothers owner Richard  Fernandez. "We have been in Flagstaff for almost twelve years & are very sad about this development, but as a family we are looking toward the future, which is uncertain."

Pesto Brothers will still be open for Christmas dinner on the 25th at 4pm. They're also hosting a festive New Years Eve dinner as well as a salsa dancing party to ring in the New Year.

December 17, 2010

Where to find some of Flagstaff's best bowls of soup, stew and chili

Soup and salad combo at Wildflower
"Soups, stews and chilis"
By Angele Sionna

From chowder to chili, gazpacho, bisque, borscht, gumbo, goulash, consommé and more – soups are a body-warming must when there’s a chill in the air. Whether an entrée or appetizer, a good soup is hard to beat. Here’s a look at a few great spots to grab a bowl of winter goodness…

Wildflower Bread Company
530 East Piccadilly Drive (at Butler and Lone Tree)
From vegetarian favorites like butternut squash to classic chicken noodle to hearty veggie beef stew, Wildflower is the first place that pops to mind when I crave soup. They have six choices daily... something for every whim. Potato cream cheese, vegetarian chili, French onion, chicken and dumplings, chicken coconut curry, forest mushroom, roasted corn… the list is seemingly endless. Order up a bowl of one of their thicker varieties in a bread bowl for maximum fullness. Or have a soup and sandwich or soup and salad combo. Really, any which way you do soup here, any time of the day, you can count on it being delish. Check out their soup of the day menus at

Simply Delicious’ CAFé Daily Fare
408 E. Route 66
The homemade soups at Café Daily Fare are eclectic as the rest of their cuisine. There are two to four choices daily during the winter, including a vegan and a gluten-free option. Selections can include New England and Manhattan clam chowders, tortilla lime, white bean kale, southwestern quinoa, mulligatawny, classic minestrone, split pea wild rice, classic chicken noodle and others. Call for the soups of the day: 774-2855.

It’s About Coffee
2620 N Steves Blvd
It’s About Coffee is a popular spot for soup enjoyment. They offer two choices Monday through Saturdays. One is always the vegetarian and gluten-free tomato lentil. The other soup o the day changes between sausage three bean, chicken enchilada, red potato ham, chicken wild rice mushroom and split pea. That chicken enchilada is gluten-free and ever so tasty! They can run out of soup so get there for an early lunch. Call for today’s soup at: 779-1053.

Beaver Street Brewery & Whistle Stop Cafe
11 S Beaver St., Flagstaff
Beaver Street is a Flag staple for many reasons, including their hearty soups and chilis. Their choices change daily and usually include a chili of the day plus a soup of the moment. All I’ve tried are satisfyingly tasty but of particular greatness – Beaver Street’s thick, creamy and spicy southwestern corn chowder and any of their chilis. In fact, I’d dare say Beaver Street is the place to beat for chili in town. Order up a bowl, a beer and some of that ginger stout cake- and you’ve got yourself a delightful tummy-warming winter meal. Call for the soup and chili specials of the day: 779-0079.

2320 N. 4th St
Satchmo’s is home to Flagstaff’s Cajun soul food and barbeque. During the winter in addition to their popular gumbo and jumbalaya, you can also sometimes find fresh pots of cheddar ale soup, a zesty chicken soup and/or what they call Trust Chili –with locally raised beef from Flying M ranch plus other hearty ingredients like black beans and Anaheim chilis plus Satchmo’s smoked spice blend. Call to see what soups are on at 774-7292.

Mountain Oasis International Restaurant
11 E Aspen Ave
Mountain Oasis prides itself on its homemade soups. This upscale yet relaxed café in the heart of downtown serves up several soups per day, which change periodically. The variety can range from a special cream of carrot to an old school split pea as well as inventions like their unique curry salmon chowder. Mountain Oasis consistently includes at least one vegetarian soup choice.  Check to see what the soups of the day are at 214-9270.

*This article originally ran in the December 16, 2010 issue of Flagstaff Live!, also written by me, of course!*

December 16, 2010

Satchmo's Update (12/16/10) Flagstaff, Arizona

Satchmo's BBQ
2320 N. 4th St
Flagstaff, AZ
Satchmo's is open in it's new location, in a small unassuming shopping complex on 4th st just south of 7th ave. The brightly colored Louis armstrong-themed decor lifts the spirits on your lunch break, sans any spirits offerings. The tables are covered in paper with a box of crayons in the condiments baskets for doodling as you wait for your order to be delivered. When you walk in, head to the counter and check out the menu -there are a few changes since they first opened in the tiny old location, most notably no turkey sandwiches.
There are some additions worth trying too... Like the trust chili, made with local free range beef. This is an almost soupy gumbo like style of chili. It's quite tasty and warms both the mouth and the tummy. And it comes with a nice little cornbread roll. Order a small /2 pint for $3.50 or a large pint for $6. Another must have, the satchmos tots. These babies are deep fried then coated with satchmos special seasonings. Quite a tasty treat.
On the barbecue front, satchmos has pulled pork, brisket and chicken sandwiches plus ribs, all of which you can order as a basket with a side or stand alone.
The house made barbecue sauces are right on the table. Choose either sweet or spicy. Both are thick and flavorful options.
Satchmos doesn't have their menu posted anywhere officially yet, so check out the below photo for the menu as of December 16, 2010:

Do note they're closed on Sundays and Mondays. Check their website for current hours.

December 15, 2010

New Year's Eve in style at Flagstaff's Cottage Place

Looking for a romantic, special and incredibly delicious New Year's Eve celebration?
The Cottage Place is hosting an extra special evening that will incorporate traditional New Year's menu items from around the world. 
The six course menu with complimentary glass of sparkling wine, full color keepsake menu, decorations and party favors costs $90 per person plus tax and gratuity.  For an extra $25, there will be an option of wine pairings.
The Cottage Place will be seating until 11pm and will be featuring a live saxaphone duo from 10:30 to 12:30.

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